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Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali. I just made some millet poha ladooΒ , murukku, gulab jamun. On Diwali day, managed to make some Masala Cheeyam as well.

For gulab jamun I used the instant pack. I had some sugar syrup left out . Its was flavorsome as I had added some saffron, cardamom, vanilla extract. Usually everyone adds rose essence, I didn’t have it, so I used vanilla extract. I somehow didn’t want to throw that syrup. Decided to make sweet diamond cuts with it. It came out awesome. A great tea time snack. I have made it with whole wheat flour. Again traditionally it is made with all purpose flour/maida and semolina/sooji.

I have not given any measurement as I didn’t use any. You can play around with the sweetness and the amount of flour. Also I have not used oil while making dough, as the gulab jamun would leave out oil in the syrup.




Whole Wheat Flour/Aata

Sugar Syrup

Oil : to deep fry

Salt : a pinch

Water : in case needed to make dough


  • Combine flour, sugar syrup, salt and mix well.
  • Form a dough if needed add some water and make a firm dough.
  • It should not be loose and should be a thick one.
  • Set aside for half an hour.
  • Roll out with rolling pin and cut in to small diamond shaped pieces.
  • While rolling out as we are deep frying, make it medium sized not too thick nor thin.
  • Heat oil for deep frying.
  • When hot, slowly drop pieces in and let it fry. Have the heat in low medium.
  • Once done, remove and drain excess oil in a paper towel.
  • Enjoy with a hot cup of chai or coffee.

For baked and savory version, here is the link Baked Wheat Crackers.