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Mung/Moong Bean sprout contain beneficial carbohydrates and protein, which supports a healthy lifestyle. These sprouts are low in calories, have fiber and B vitamins, and deliver a boost of vitamins C and K.The fiber in the legumes have the capacity to combine with bile acids.The decrease in bile available for digestion may stimulate the body’s conversion of blood cholesterol into bile resulting in lower levels of blood cholesterol.

But they have some disadvantages as well. If you don’t eat it properly it causes heavy gastric problems.

I have always loved mung bean sprouts. I used to eat them almost everyday few years back as my breakfast. As I had to run to office, I would eat them in a hurry without chewing properly and got this gastric problem. So in between I had stopped it.

Suddenly I had a feeling that I am eating all junk food for the past few days, so I had sprouted the mung bean 🙂 and prepared the salad. I just loved it. Today changed my fruit Thursday routine to Salad Thursday for a change 🙂 here it is…..


Sprouted Mung bean

Lemon Juice

Yellow onion


Black Pepper powder



Cilantro leaves


I had sprouted the mung beans yesterday, wash it thoroughly. Chop onions, tomatoes, some avocado pieces. Mash them all together. Add lemon juice, pepper, salt and the mung beans.

The creamy avocado gave the salad a great taste.

I haven’t given any measurements, as you can adjust and vary according to your taste 🙂

You can add Dill leaves to it, so that you can reduce the gastric problem.

Finally chew it well and eat 🙂

Mung Sprout salad with Avocado