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I love banana’s and yeah I can’t live without it 😛 I had got some raspberries few days back. So thought of making a smoothie with these two. I have some health issue for which I was suggested to have banana and fig everyday. I like the crunchy seeds of fig. This time I wanted to make it with Yogurt instead of milk, so that I can get a bit of sour taste as well. Its a mixed taste smoothie.


Banana : 1 (preferably organic)

Fig : 2 ( chopped)

Yogurt : 1 scoop

Raspberry : 8 to 10


As usual put them all in a blender and mix well. Make sure there are no lumps of fig in the smoothie.


A big no to sugar or honey with this, as all the ingredients are already sweet.


My pic didn’t come well, I noticed it after finishing it hehehe 🙂 it was actually pretty pink because of the blue background this looks orange, next time I would try getting much clear picture friends 🙂 But the taste was too good, that I couldn’t wait to check my pics 😛