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Jowar roti is not something common in my place. My Bangalore friends introduced this to me. I love the way my friend Pavi does this. She used to get such thin Jowar roti’s. I wonder how she makes it so thin and soft. A gluten free flour which makes it difficult to bind. I know it needs a lot of practice and patience.

I have tried it many times and finally would end up adding some wheat flour to make it bind 😦 This time after posting Makki ki roti(Corn Flour Flatbread), I thought I would use the same technique and try it, guess what I could get Jowar roti without taring 🙂 Though it was not very thin, I could make it properly and it tasted awesome. If you have not tasted Jowar roti, you should definitely. Just for its taste I keep trying it many times 😛 I am giving same techniques that I used earlier to make Makki ki roti with some pics.(scroll down for more pics)

Again this is for beginners who are looking for making basic Jowar roti. Though it might seems simple by looking, it is really difficult while doing it 🙂

Jowar_Roti Jowar_Roti_1 Jowar_Roti_2


Jowar Flour/Sorghum Flour : 3/4 cup

Salt : 1/8 teaspoon

Very Hot Water : 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup(adjust according to the need)


  • Mix Jowar flour and salt.
  • I had heated 3/4 cup of water in microwave for one and a half minute, so it is really hot.
  • Mix water in the flour slowly( around 1 tablespoon at a time) using wooden spatula or spoon mix it.
  • Make dough out of it. Set aside and cover it.
  • Take a plastic cover cut in to 2 halves.
  • Now take a plate and place one side of the plastic cover over it.
  • Make round balls from the dough flatten it a bit.
  • Place it on the plastic cover and cover it with the other side of plastic cover.
  • Ensure the dough is in the middle.
  • Place another plate over it and press gently to flatten it.
  • Same time have a griddle heated parallely.
  • Remove the top plate and slowly remove the top plastic cover.
  • Slowly and carefully remove the roti from the lower plastic cover.
  • Place it in the griddle, apply little water (either with hands or using small piece of cloth drenched in water) on the top layer of the roti.
  • Let it get cooked for 2 mins, using spatula flip side.
  • If needed apply some water in the top layer now.
  • Cook well on both sides for 2 to 3 mins.

Enjoy this tasty roti with any subzi 🙂

Here are the steps, place dough in a plate with plastic cover,


Cover over with the other layer of plastic cover.



Now place another plate over it and press


Remove Plate and you can find this 🙂 after this remove the plastic cover and place the roti careful over grid and cook.




Unlike Makki ki roti, do not apply water in the plastic cover, it will not come out properly.