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Dear friends this is off and out of my blog’s content. But thought of sharing this awareness of sleeping in night. How many of us sleep well during the night? Do we sleep from 10 PM to morning 6? Do we get at least 6 hours of sleep? If you can do so, you are way good and on right track.

Definitely I am not the one who sleeps well. I struggle a lot to sleep. I have to roll on for hours together to get sleep. I keep myself preoccupied with so many thoughts. Its a battle between my thoughts and sleep.

Recently I watched a talk show in a Tamil channel about why younger generation doesn’t sleep on time?

Many younger generation people argued that they got sleep for 6 hours but they slept from mid night 2 to next day 8. They were quite comfortable with that sleeping time.ย Some said we can’t sleep at least until 3 in the mid night. ย Some said they can happily watch TV programs in the night. They can play games and chat with friends. Everything was in and around gadgets.Yes I amย one of them.

Just because I can’t sleep, I will watch movies, TV programs in the night. When I am on bed I get some thought and check my mobile. Check for emails. As I am awake I get hungry and snack something in the midnight. This is something worse I know it myself but I can’t help it. I am not getting sleep ๐Ÿ˜ฆ What ever we eat in the midnight doesn’t get digested properly and sugar settles in the liver which is dangerous. This is one reason why we put on weight.

Some experts, doctors have come to the show and they pointed few information which gave me a big time shock.

  • The light that we get from gadget in the darkness very badly affect our retina in the eyes. Nerves in the eyes are affected.
  • Eating in the midnight increases your weight.
  • Not sleeping on time from 10 PM to 6 AM affects hormones. There are certain hormones which secrets only in the midnight when we sleep. If we don’t sleep at that time the hormone secretion level dips downs to a very low range. This can cause digestive problems in the younger age. Later change to fatal around 40 to 50 years of our age.
  • The one which gave me a jerk is this one, If we don’t sleep well as ladies in the midnight we have a great chance of getting breast cancer. Some ladies who are prone genetically for breast cancer are asked to wear black glasses when they sleep to avoid the chances of breast cancer in them.
  • The complete world operates with Sun. We need to sleep and work according to the Sun’s rules. When it sets we need to sleep and when it rises we need to wake up. Simple example are flowers, they bloom when sun rises and goes down when Sun sets.

These areย the fact that we need to accept and understand. I have made a resolution myself that I will not touch any gadget once I go to bed. Try to sleep by 10 PM. I am following it for the past one week, first 2 days was difficult but slowly I can realize Yes I can sleep by 10. It’s just my mind set. Even if some thought ponders, just have to tell myself that I need to sleep. All my worries can wait.

A good night’s sleep is definitely needed for every one, those who have little kids it is difficult. Otherwise lets change our attitude towards sleep ๐Ÿ™‚