This was not at all a bad day as I expected it to be. I could feel more energetic than day 1.

Second day:

Only Vegetables, no fruits, milk. One potato boiled or baked is allowed in the morning. As much less oil as possible.

I had one boiled potato in morning with pepper and salt. Then had carrots, corn for afternoon. In between I could manage with black tea. Evening I prepared some salad with half a teaspoon oil( recipe to be followed) and black tea. One thing that I could find about myself was I crave for salt more than sugar. I just found it myself. Though I know I am sweet tooth and eat lots of sugar. I felt this day with just pinch of salt I was satisfied. Weird for me 🙂

Starting today with Day 3 which is a mix of day 1 and day 2. This should be an ease as far as I think 🙂