I am back from the long weekend trip. It was an awesome trip and we enjoyed it very well. Haven’t had time to prepare something newly for Fiesta Friday, so I am adding this one to the FF#23.

Malar's Kitchen

I can’t wait to post this healthy recipe. I didn’t want to use butter, sugar, eggs for cookies. I was searching for options to avoid butter. As I already had idea for sugar to be replaced with dates. Some articles suggested to use Oil instead of butter, but I didnt want to use oil also 😛 Phew got this post from Jhuls @ The not so creative cook on healthy substitutes for baking. So I decided to bake with banana as the substitute for butter.

The first time I tried made with Whole wheat flour and was not very satisfied with the outcome, though it was good. So next baked with oats flour and this came out well. I am giving the recipe with Oats flour which turned out very well.



Old Fashioned Oats : 2 cups

Instant Oats : 1 cup or Oats Flour : 1 cup


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