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I am a big time sweet tooth πŸ˜€ , but my hubby isn’t. I prefer sweet rather than salt and he is total opposite to me. These days there is a lot of awareness created about the disadvantages of sugar. My hubby is quite a health conscious person than me, he wouldn’t want me to use white sugar in particular, in any of the food.

In ancient India we did not have sugar instead we had Jaggery.Β Indians use jaggery or gur which is a complex form of sugar. Jaggery has innumerable health benefits. Jaggery is usually made with sugarcane or date juice. It has rough texture and does not dissolve easily. But the healthy benefits of jaggery are undeniable. In a comparison of sugar versus jaggery, the later wins hands down. Most of the desserts prepared by Indians would have jaggery in it.

Clicked a pic of JaggeryΒ I had at home, this is how it looks.


Some benefits of Jaggery :

  • Less calories
  • Rich in Iron
  • Cools stomach
  • Cures pain
  • Post natal food
  • Delays Ageing

This is a very, very simple dessert. No heating , just mixing both coconut and jaggery thats it.

Grated coconut (finely grated)

scrape the jaggery and mix with very little water. make it to a paste. Since Jaggery is hard, we do this.

Mix this paste with coconut. I am not giving the amount of both, you can play around.

Once you mix it with coconut, jaggery would start leaving out water. Mix well, if need add some more grated coconut.

You can eat it directly. I made it to balls and refrigerated it for 4 to 5 hrs . It just so yummy.

Coconut, jaggery dessert

Both coconut and jaggery is very healthy. For sweet tooth’s like me this is a good option πŸ™‚