I am never a fan of egg because of its smell. Since eggs are great source of proteins, we both prefer eggs. I had always had egg omelet, hard boiled eggs or egg curry. Only when I had gone for a continental breakfast in a hotel, I had these scrambled eggs. Wow such a great taste. I wanted to try it at home, yes I could get good one’s.  I know many of you would think, whats the big deal in scrambled eggs. But this is a new dish for me. Probably you guys can send me more suggestions to do it better.


Eggs: 2

Salt : 1 pinch

Ground Pepper: 1/4 teaspoon

Butter: a bit

Water: 1 tablespoon


Break the egg in a container, add salt, pepper and water. With a whisker beat it for around 600 to 700 strokes. More whisking the fluffier these eggs are.

Beaten Egg


Heat butter in a pan. Always have it in low heat. When you feel it is hot enough, just sprinkle little water and check for the hissing sound to ensure it is hot. Now pour the eggs in the pan.

Scrambled Egg

Wait until the outer layer of the egg forms. Using a spatula, just mix the eggs by pulling in all the sides and keep stirring. All the time heat should be low.

Scrambled Egg

Make sure egg gets cooked. If you leave it for more time, it might change to a rubber state. So be careful and take out the eggs when they are just mixed well and get the soft texture.

Scrambled Eggs

Serve hot 🙂 I have never prepared it for my hubby 😛