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Broken wheat is called wheat rava in India. Semolina is very much used in all south Indian breakfast. My grandma tells me that I prepare this dish very well, getting credit from her is not an easy deal 🙂 ……This is also one of the easiest breakfast. It cooks very fast. When ever I dont have time to prepare and in a hurry , I will prepare the plain upma. Also there are many variations in this preparation. Here I give the recipe with veggies…


Semolina/Broken Wheat rava : 2 cups

Red Onion: 1/2 thinly sliced

Green chili : 1 cut in to pieces

Ginger : small piece

Carrot : 1/2 sliced

Green Peas : fist full

French Beans: few cut into pieces

Oil : 2 table spoons

Salt : 1 teaspoon

To season:

Mustard seeds : 1/2 teaspoon

Urad dal : 1/2 teaspoon

Channa dal : 1/2 teaspoon

Cumin seeds : 1/2 teaspoon

curry leaves : few


First dry roast the 2 cups of semolina/rava in a pan for 3 mins. You will get the flavor of the semolina. Do it in a medium flame, do not roast it to black color. Set it aside.

Next in a heavy bottomed pan add oil and then add the items in to season. If you dont want this part, skip it just heat oil. Add the onions and let it turn translucent. Add ginger and green chili.  Next add all the vegetables. You can use the mixed veggie which we get as frozen also. let it get cooked for 5 minutes.

Now add 4 cups of water (1:2 of rava: water ratio) let the water boil. Add salt. Then put the semolina/rava. stir nicely, so that lumps doesnt form. At one stage all the water content would have got absorbed. Heat should be in medium while cooking semolina. Keep stirring ,so that it doesnt get stuck to the bottom of the vessel. let it cook for 5 mins. Now serve it hot 🙂

Semolina Upma/Rava Upma