In India, we do not eat much of cheese. Usually it would be butter/oil which is added in our cooking. I had never tried cheese in any of my food. Here in the US, I could see a lot of cheese being used. Every where I could see macaroni and cheese boxes in any grocery shops.Its quite new for me 🙂 I had always wanted to eat macaroni and cheese, but my hubby is a little diet conscious and would not let me prepare it 🙂 , somehow I managed to prepare it.  Searched a lot of recipes in the internet, so many ways of doing this. I got a little panic of which recipe to prepare. Then I decided let me just give a try of what ever comes in mind and yeah end result was very good. here it goes….


Uncooked Macaroni : 2 cups ( any shape)

cheese : 2 table spoons shredded (any variety of cheese)

Tomato : 1 large

Red Onion: 1/2 of a large

Green Chili : 1

Grounded Black pepper : 1 table spoon

Garlic : 2 pods

Ginger : 1cm length

Olive oil : 1 table spoon

Salt : 2 teaspoons


Boil 4 cups of water ( 1:2 ration of macaroni and cheese) and add uncooked macaroni. Let it boil. Add 1 tea spoon salt with this.You can cook in medium high heat. Do not add oil with this.

Grind tomato, onion, chili, garlic, ginger, pepper and make it to a fine paste. Add 1 tea spoon salt to this. You can adjust the pepper according to your taste ( if you dont want it very spicy reduce the amount of pepper)

Heat olive oil in a griddle and add the paste and let it cook well. Same time the macaroni would have got cooked, drain the water and have the macaroni ready. Now tomato would have got cooked well and the paste would have got little thicker. Add the boiled macaroni to this. Stir for few mins. Let the macaroni absorb it. When its almost done , now add the cheese and mix well. A fine mixture would form now. After few mins of cooking, stop and serve hot 🙂

Tangy Macaroni and cheese