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Here is one my favorite sweet dishes. I just love the aroma of this kheer. Let see how to prepare this.


Carrot :3

cardamom : 2 pieces

cashew nuts: handful

Almond: 5 pieces

Clarified Butter/Ghee :2 to 3 teaspoons 

Raisins: handful

Milk : 200 ml(full cream)

Jaggery(panela)/Sugar – 5 teaspoons


First clean the carrots and cut into pieces. open the cardamom and take out the seeds. Boil the carrots, cardamom, almonds and 4 to 5 pieces of cashews in a bowl with enough water. cook till the carrot is soft and tender. Once done, remove the water used for boiling and keep it aside. put the boiled carrots, cashews, almond, cardamom in mixer and grind it to a fine paste. We can use the same water which was used for boiling to grind.

Next in a pan, boil the ghee/clarified butter, put the cashews first, let them change color to slight brown. Now add the raisins, let it pop up. Do not over burn them, immediately mix 200 ml of milk. Now add jaggery(panela) or sugar. I would prefer jaggery as it is good for health.

If you add jaggery pieces, wait for it to dissolve fully in the milk(it takes little bit time), if it is sugar just mix well. Once the mixture is done well, in a few minutes add the ground mixture of carrot and others in this. If you have left over carrot boiled water use them as well in this( so that you don’t miss the nutrients of the carrot). Let it boil for atleast 20 mins, the mixture would get thicker. Boil it in medium. When the boiling is done the aroma make you feel great :), I am sure you would love it .After 20 to 25 mins, stop and let it cool down. Once it cools down the heat, you can either serve or put the kheer in a bowl and refrigerate it. It tastes great when cool. 

This can be served as a dessert with ice cream yummy 😛