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This is an Indian style egg curry, which i tried today and it came out very well. Its goes well with rice, chappathi, idli ,dosa. this serves for 2 people. Though a little lengthy process, taste is awesome 🙂


Eggs : 2

onion : half cup finely sliced

oil : 3 table spoons

cumin seeds: 1/2 table spoon

fennel seeds: 1/2 table spoon

water : 1 cup( you can adjust according to your need)

Bay leaves – few

curry leaves – small bunch

tamarind – 1/4 gooseberry size (make juice out of it)

coriander leave – 1 small bunch

turmeric powder – 1/2 teaspoon.

red chili powder – 1/2 teaspoon

salt as required

To grind:

Ginger : small piece

Garlic : 4 pods

Tomato: 1 large

green chilies – 2

Masala Items:

Black pepper : 2 table spoons

coriander seeds : 2 table spoons

Fennel seeds :1 table spoon

Cumin seeds : 1 table spoon

Red Chilies : 4

Cinnamon stick – 1 small

cloves : 5 pieces

cashew – 2(optional)

Grated coconut : 3 table spoons


Hard boil the egg for 10 mins, and keep aside.

Mean time, in the pan heat 1 tables spoon oil, put all the items in the Masala items mentioned above except grated coconut. let them splutter, , now switch of the stove, after that add the grated coconut and mix it with pan’s heat. This is to avoid the coconut getting burnt. Now let it cool, once it has cool, put these items in a mixer and grind it. Make it in to a fine paste.

Now separately grind the items in to grind, keep it aside.

In the pan add 1 table spoon oil, once it is hot, add cumin seeds, fennel seeds, let it splutter. Add bay leaves and curry leaves now. Add the onions and saute till its transparent. After this add the ginger , garlic , green chili, tomato paste and let it boil for few mins. After which add the ground masala. Now add one cup of water with 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder and salt. In few minutes, add the tamarind juice and let it boil.

Mean time remove the shell of the eggs. Now in another pan add 1 table spoon oil, put the eggs in the oil, add 1/2 table spoon red chili powder and little bit salt and saute for 2 mins. remove the pan, should not overcook.

Add this egg in the other pan where our curry is getting prepared. Let it boil for 7 to 8 mins. The gravy would become thicker. Now add the coriander leaves and immediately stop the stove. Now its ready to be served 🙂

Note: You can vary the red chili powder amount for the egg according to your taste.

If you want the egg to get more tastier, slit in between to half length , so that the gravy gets in. You can see it in the picture 🙂Image